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Defense acquisitions typically come with a requirement that obliges the foreign bidder to place industrial contracts and establish collaborations in the buying country.
Those obligations are estimated to reach 400 billion U.S. dollars globally in the next five years.
NEXT SA has built a reputation to “think differently” about offset than anyone else. We identify highly innovative opportunities that maximize the benefit for both the OEM and the SME.
Our expertise in the high-technology sector and neutrality towards the industrial base are the main reasons why OEMs and SMEs chose to collaborate with NEXT SA.


▸ Simulation & AI

▸ Cyber Defense

▸ Space

▸ Sensors/ Exploitation

▸ Energy technologies

▸ Autonomous Systems

▸ Robotics

▸ Radar Systems

▸ Directed Energy

▸ Digital Maintenance

▸ Advanced Manufacturing

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