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Our technology partner, Klatt Works Inc., has developed an Augmented Reality (AR) solution that revolutionizes the way complex maintenance and technical operations are done in the future. NEXT SA is responsible for the global sales & marketing of this solution in the Aerospace, Space & Defense industry. We are focused on increasing MRO efficiency, reliability, and traceability in sectors where maintenance and production efficiency / reliability is most critical.
The MX Accelerator is a highly versatile and adaptable wearable headset that allows all operations to be performed 100% hands-free. The headset itself is intrinsically safe and supports you during the most demanding operations, even in fuel-rich environments.
Let us show you how our system can improve your maintenance operations – during a live demo at your premises!


▸ 100% Hands-free Operation

▸ Interaction with Maintenance Procedures & Drawings

▸ Document Navigation & Workflow

▸ Remote Assistance

▸ Generate Enterprise-level Analytics

▸ Intrinsically Safe



Delegate tasks directly to field workers, track progress, and task completion.


Interact with technical procedures, maintenance manuals, and
checklists, leveraging existing documentation.


Experienced technicians create how-to videos for other technicians to view, preventing maintenance work stoppages.

Remote Assistance

Instant support by remote experts through telepresence, screen sharing, and annotations.


Generate automated inspection reports, with photographic records, for improved task reliability and traceability.


Increase efficiency and improve team composition through enterprise-level analytics.

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